To obtain answers to your most challenging questions, please call 714.742.4900. Here are a few of the questions we can answer online.

What’s your return policy?

We provide a complete video segment (1) free to give you the opportunity to see the quality and comprehensive empowerment content we deliver. Once you have purchased a subsequent segment, we obviously cannot refund your tuition for that segment as it is very easy for anyone to copy a video segment. However, if you feel the segment requires more content, just call 714.742.4900 and we will provide the content through live training.

Does CeI provide life coaching counselors?

When we customize, private label, our content for an independent life coach, psychiatrist, or psychologist any clients enrolling directly with those mental health care professionals are their clients and we will not provide direct life coaching to those clients unless we have a written release from that professional to provide such counseling. Even for those mental health care professionals who purchase the video program without customization, private labeling, the clients are considered theirs and not ours. The same restriction applies. We will need a written release from the health care professional before we can provide direct life coaching.

For a very reasonable price, CeI provides supplemental life coaching on the subjects covered in our Making Your Relationship More Magical video program. Our CeI Certified life coaches can also provide life coaching on other aspects of your life including employment challenges, customer relationships, time management, family relationships, success motivation, etc. To schedule a session, please call 714.742.4900.

Does CeI provide client customer service?

At CeI we are excited and enjoy providing 24/7 telephone customer service to our empowerment clients and enrolled mental health care professionals. Through your questions and requests we develop better, more comprehensive, video segment content and delivery. Please call us whenever you have a question or concern. 714.742.4900.

Please call 724.742.4900 for any other questions or concerns.